Nathan & Brooke take their unique approach to the next level with customised private tuition at the Hub. From basic introduction to dance styles all the way up to competition and performance coaching we have the right professionals to help you raise your level of dance. Specialising in On2 or New York Style Salsa we are experienced in helping your journey through the social dance world to show choreographies and competition. With years of experience in coaching, competing and judging, what better place to make a personalised plan of attack on your dance journey.


Whether you want to put on a show for your first dance together or simply want to get through your first dance together without treading on toes or stepping on dresses, we can help you over 4 private lessons.
We will also edit any music if necessary. We know that towards the end of the planning stages it can be a hectic and exciting time so we are flexible to the individual needs.Would you like a traditional Waltz, Rumba or something newer like a Salsa, Bachata or even some Hip Hop we can put it together to make your first dance together memorable! So, you’ve sent the expensive invites, the DJ is ready, the dress looks amazing, and the food is going to be spectacular – so why not give your guests a show that is truly memorable. Don’t settle for a basic sway or a side-to-side combo… the rest of the wedding is already going to leave a great impression so why not have fun and put on a show that will talked about for years to come. Have the instructor(s) to yourself, get the help you need, the style you want and learn at your own pace! That’s the beauty of getting us to guide you, we are totally focused on you and you’re dance. We have choreographed amazing  routines, through a variety of styles and tastes. Why sway at your wedding when you can blow your guests away with a “first dance” with a difference.  (click here to see our price list)