In a time-poor and stressful world we understand the struggles of finding something you are passionate about and finding the time to explore that passion. We know. We are just like you. We also have 9-5 jobs and a long time ago we made a decision to give our true passion a huge go. We started dancing casually and soon it became our obsession. We followed our Mambo addiction around the world, from roaming all over Australia to training under the best Latin dance schools in New York.  We fell in love! And like the saying goes, “and I would do anything for love…”.

We put our hearts and souls into our craft and combined with years of practice in both our own dancing, training, techniques to our skills in coaching and development, we are extremely proud to be able to offer a unique learning experience in Melbourne. Our focus is to always continue to provide world class training opportunities in a friendly and fun family environment because these were the things that made us fall in-love with dance in the first place. We were like our students once upon a time so we feel confident that our knowledge about “learning” and the fundamentals of Mambo (Salsa ON2) is exactly what our students need. We too set goals and strive to achieve them because our aim is to inspire our students and the community to see that anything can be achieved. We want to enable dancers to develop their own flavour and style rather than fall back into the generic pack. We train hard and we continuously re-invent ourselves as dancers so our students can also enrich their dance journeys by the example we set. It’s a tough gig but we embrace it with open arms because deep down – we really do want to make a difference.

Our obsession with Mambo allows us to spread our love for the craft by holding a monthly dance event dedicated to these Latin rhythms we love. Mad About Mambo music provides the ideal night for our students along with Mambo dancers from all over town, to practice their dancing and technique and become inspired by the amazing dancers developing around them. We love to see people set goals, achieve them, grow and realise their improvements, not only in their dancing but their confidence, sense of accomplishment, social skills, co-ordination, freedom of expression and creativity.

It’s time to start your dance journey and together let’s explore what type of dancer you can become.


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