Melbourne Dance Hub has opened so many doors for Gabriel Urrutia and I, and one of them being to represent and compete at the Australian Salsa Open 2013.

We are lucky enough to be trained by two amazing couches Nathan Thorneycroft and Brooke Gittings whom continuously push us and believe in us. Working towards this competition has been a fantastic journey in which we have learnt so much about each other not only in our dancing and the things we can achieve if we work hard but also in our relationship as a couple. We have had their full support when things weren’t the best and have had many laughs along the way. This is what I enjoy the most about The Hub, we train hard yet we feel like we are at home with our family backing us up no matter what. Working alongside Nathan in this particular occasion was amazing as I really admire his creativity and his love for music which has inspired and taught me so much along this journey.

I feel very lucky to be surrounded by great individuals at the Hub and I can’t wait to keep training and performing to become the dancer I want to be.

On Saturday the 8th of June, in Sydney, Javiera & Gabriel won the 2013 Australian Salsa Open Amateur Championships.

To see Javiera and Gabriel’s winning Australian Salsa open routine, make sure you catch their performance at Latin 24/7 next weekend!”

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