Being a serial quitter I have never excelled in anything I’ve started.


My list of attempted extracurricular activities spans all kinds of things from team to individual sports (that graduated into unused gym memberships and every kind of fitness class loyalty card known to mankind), numerous musical instruments and countless crafty forays. It’s a list I’m not particularly proud of given my inability to stick with anything beyond realising it’s harder than I first envisioned it to be. This coupled with my choice to be a seemingly perpetual student (and financially challenged as a result) caused me to jump at the idea of 9 free dance classes thanks to a friend of my sister deciding he’d made a regrettable Scoopon purchase. Lucky for me, because as soon as I found the Hub (no thanks to its misleading address) and had my first beginner hip hop class with JC Reyes I knew I’d be back as long as my two legs could carry me.

A year and a bit on and I’ve moved up to the Intermediate hip hop class with JC Reyes on Monday nights, I now do Reggaeton with Minx on Tuesday nights, and I am also a proud member of two Melbourne Dance Hub crews – The Link and So Fine Crew. I have had three performances under my belt even performing on the main stage at the 2013 Sydney Latin Festival and. I was lucky enough to be chosen to take part in a teaser trailer video clip for the I Heart Dancehall. An event I’m performing at with the So Fine girls in mid-June.

I’ve barely missed a class since that first one unless I’m convinced I have the plague or am physically unable to due to not being in the country. I can honestly say that I look forward to being lovingly (I hope!) berated by JC on Mondays and usually being laughed at by Minx on Tuesdays all while getting a great workout and challenging myself physically for a change. I’ve become so much more confident after realising I’m not a total-unco and have found dancing to be something that I LOVE almost as much (I feel) as my teachers do! Taking dance classes at the Hub has made me a dancer, leaving me constantly striving to get better at everything I couldn’t manage to pull off in the one hour classes. Being completely convinced that I look foolish doing just about anything that’s meant to look “sexy” is a really good motivator!

The best part is that I’m no longer a quitter.

by Rachel Ong

I know I’ll get better at everything I try. Thanks to the ridiculously amazing teachers at the Hub, I’ve seen the proof!

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