There is only one person in the Australian Latin Dance scene that has the ability to put on an event like this year’s Doudoule Latin Dance Camp. A person who is blessed with a huge heart, a person who makes time for everyone, has a constant smile and positive outlook, a person who always “shares the love”.

Jean-Luc Lambs is that guy we couldn’t be luckier in Australia to have someone of this calibre promoting and supporting all the dancers here. A huge thank you from us all at Melbourne Dance Hub for having us for a third time at your wonderful event!

And what an event it was, from the dance workshops, the social parties, chatting with all the dancers from around Australia, to soaking up the relaxing vibe and strolling on the magnificent beaches of the Gold Coast. We had the pleasure of taking team Spark this year who managed to pull off a routine after 3 weeks of training whilst still training for the Australian Salsa Open 2013 coming up in June. A huge thank you to the hard work of Brooke Gittings, Ernesto Diaz, Jason Smith, Gabriel Urrutia, Javiera Connobbio, Rach Cayley and our support crew for this routine, Meghan Sinnott, Tram Nguyen, Amelia Russo and last of all mastermind Mariano Neris ll. Mariano continues to see the “Spark” in these guys and we thank him for his continued support. This routine presented new challenges for the team in which a great learning curve took place for us all. Well done and thank you to each one of you.

Brooke and I also had the pleasure of teaching an on 1 Salsa Class. We did one of my favourite moves – a challenge to many but I heard more and more about the move over the weekend. Thanks to all who came to our Salsa Workshop on Saturday afternoon, Brooke and I had a ball showing you some of our moves! We wish we could take you all to our Salsa Class here in Melbourne and re-live the vibe. We hope to return in the near future to show you some more.

To our interstate friends who we got to catch up with, thanks for the laughs and the chats. We always look forward to hearing you share your stories, dancing with you and kicking back.The Melbourne crew… it certainly was a wild themed weekend! Hahahaha….. It is always a great feeling to represent alongside you all and I really feel a unique connection to all of you. The ideas thrown out there, the creative energy that is shared definitely invigorates my thought processes, makes me see all your points of view and hopefully builds a bigger and better local scene in our community. (Even if sometimes it is at toy gun point in an airport) Thank you to the Melbourne professionals who I got to share this experience with James, Sonia, Sharon, Laura, Donovan, Angela, Juan Carlos.

Congrats to the wonderful Brooke Gittings who continues to stand by my side both on and off the stage and you were amazing once again on this weekend. You continue to push me as a dancer, teacher and person. Thank you.

Lastly to everyone I danced with… huge thanks for having a dance with me. I’ll always say yes to a dance, I’ll always be looking for that person who is standing at the back waiting to be asked. Thank you because every one of you make it a pleasure and give me that moment in time to forget everything, be in the moment and have an absolute ball!!

DouDoule 2013 rocked!!!



Pics by Rachel Cayley

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