White Night to Womad!

What a start to 2013!

Dancing, performing and teaching at the Sydney Latin Festival 2013 and more recently performing on stage with a great Melbourne band, The Cat Empire!!!! I was overjoyed when the ELA dancers asked me to join them on stage for 2 shows with The Cat Empire at Womad Festival in Adelaide and the White Night Festival in Melbourne. Keep your eyes peeled as this will also form part of their newest music video.

Both events were amazing in their own right and what a way to experience both by being a part of them. I must say that The Cat Empire show was the icing on the cake for both events. The crowd was a sea of people feeding us with energy on stage. The whole experience didn’t feel like a job as the Ela dancers (Ebony , Laura & Anika ) and our resident popper/locker Lenny were so lovely to work with and true professionals. Whilst the band would have to be the nicest group of guys, so talented, their energy together on stage just made you want to dance!!!

As an artist it is so inspiring & motivating to be surrounded by others that share the same passion for the craft. Artists who really excel in their genres. I was able to witness the joy their work brings not only to themselves but the audience that so whole heartedly jumped on the show’s train to take a ride. WOW what a vision when you take a moment on stage and really absorb the masses of energy from Cat Empire fans, singing along , dancing , arms high in the air, girls up on shoulders …breathtaking! Whatever type of performer you are there is nothing like the energy a crowd gives you on stage and the gift of entertainment you give in return. I can’t wait for what’s next!!!!


Watch a video of us and the Amazing Cat Empire here

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