What was that song you played?


What was that song you played? Who was that artist?

Hello Latin Dancers! DJ Nathan here, I thought share with you all some music off the playlist from Salsational Australia day weekend at Richmond Town Hotel 2013.

So here it is as promised. You’ll find a couple of Gems from well known artists but not so well known tracks, mixed in along artists you may not have heard often or at all. I definitely don’t hear 90% of this list when I’m social dancing around Melbourne and I hope it opens your minds and ears to some more than the usual heavily repeated tracks in the scene. There are also a couple of bachata’s thrown in for those crazy Bachateros and Bachateras.

The list comprises of New York style and Puerto Rican flare, a little Pachanga track “Siga La Gente”, superstars of the timbales with Tito Puente and Orlando Marin and legends of the Fania label.

Be sure to check out more of their albums and explore further… Enjoy!

DJ Nathan’s lucky 13!!! Sample playlist

1. Corta el Bonche – Tito Puente
2. Hecho y Derecho – Joe Cuba Sextet
3. Siga La Gente – El gran Rene y su Combo New York
4. Por Mentiras – Vena (bachata)
5. Pore Eso Me Pica Aqui – Chivirico Davila
6. Suavecito – Ismael miranda
7. El Colmadon – Joe Veras (bachata)
8. Anabacoa – Willie Rossario
9. Son Retroson – Michi Sarimento y su Combo
10.Que Chevere – Orlando Marin
11.Professor – Yambu
12.Avisale a Mi Contrario – Tito Rodriguez
13.Dueno Externo – Chelion (bachata)

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