Hula Hoop Workshop

Deanne Love, with over a decade of experience as a classroom teacher, children’s performer and hoop dancer, shares her hooper super powers with adults and children globally. The founder of Hoop Lovers and Kids Hoop Dance, Deanne facilitates learning and transformation via hoop dance and play with a focus on physical, emotional and social enhancement. The benefits of the art of Hoop Dance are endless. With each class you will explore more deeply the advantages of bringing hoops into your life. The following are just a few of the superb rewards you will gain from becoming a hooper.

  • Hooping is a complete work out for the mind and body. Stimulates self-confidence and sensual awareness. Tones and sculpts the body. Promotes play and childlike, spirited celebration.  A fun and energetic cardiovascular work out. Improves flexibility and endurance. Strengthens and tones abdominal muscles. Stress relieving. Enhances coordination and balance. Activates speedy weight loss. It’s mind altering fun!